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Agricultural Film: Different types of agricultural films


Agricultural film is a general term for plastic films used in agricultural production, playing a very important role for seedling moisture and insulation.

With the progress of science and technology, there is increasing demand for the agricultural films, a variety of new films emerging ion the market, now let’s introduce several advanced agricultural film.


Thin Type agricultural film
This film thickness is only half of the general type, so half the weight, and corresponding costs are also reduced by half. Its light transmission and thermal insulation is also better than ordinary film. It covers 436 acres of arable land per ton, two times compared with the normal agricultural film.

Multi-purpose film
Besides with the usage for rice, cotton, maize, tobacco, flowers, nursery and field coverage, this film can also be used as flood control membrane, lining of irrigation canals and cisterns, greatly increase water use coefficients. In addition, the film is also widely used in mushroom cultivation and feed storage.


Anti-aging agricultural films
To make the film aging resistance and easy recovery, adding antioxidant in the production process, you can extend the life of the film 2~4 times. The ground cover films still have a certain strength, and can be used after the recovery, not only costs saving, but also reduction of waste field plastic film amount.

long life agricultural film

Pest control film
It is multilayer film, made of ordinary and low density ethylene vinyl. This film only reflected around the ultraviolet rays in sunlight, inhibiting reflection of visible light. Pests can't get close to the film because they are afraid of UV light, so it has good effect to avoid pests, performs especially effective to combat resistant aphids and red spiders.

Pest control film

Preventive films
Special mulch film, such as corn mulch film, cotton ground covering, and vegetables ground cloth, etc. It is used with specific diseases and the production of different crops. Disease in the film production process, targeted to accede to a particular pesticide. This mulch film features in residue-free, pollution-free, and significant effects of prevention of diseases. It has been used extensively for farming in many places.

Weeding mulch film
Weed film, new agricultural plastic film, is produced by adding black master batch or chemical herbicides in the production process of the common film. Weeding mulching film can be divided into the following two types. 
Sun shield agent weeding mulch film: black agricultural film, using high-voltage and linear low density polyethylene resin as base material, adding black master batch and antioxidants, and UV-absorbent through blowing machine. Because it contains no herbicides, it is widely used in high efficient agriculture.

Weeding mulch film with herbicides: pre-mix herbicides, additives and resins or master batches, to produce film through extrusion machine by blowing.This film production process is simple, low investment.

weeding agricultural film

Degradable film

Different types of agricultural films 2

Different types of agricultural films

Degradable film is produced to meet the need of society for environmental protection, a new agricultural film,
Main raw material for hybrid production is degradation master batch and plastic particles. Erosion degradation is the use of microorganisms in the nature of film or film-oxidation is the use of sunlight to reach the degradation.


Nutrient Film

Nutrient film is used for lining the walls and floors of greenhouses and growing rooms, it can be used to cover up windows, make partitions too.Please check the detailed products info.