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  • Development Survey of Global Horticultural Products

Development Survey of Global Horticultural Products


1. Definition and classification of horticultural products


Horticultural appliance is people's daily horticultural production in general. It includes the gardening hand tools, irrigation system, mechanical gardening equipment, decorative gardening articles and materials of horticultural products etc.


Gardening Hand Tools

Pruning shears, shovel rake, handsaw etc

Mechanical Gardening Supplies

Lawn mower, Brush cutter, Pruning shear, Electric chainsaw, etc

Decorative Gardening Supplies

Decorative wall frame, Garden decoration, Flower pots, Baskets, Movable flower trolley, Frame arch, etc

Irrigation system

Water pipe, Water pipe joint, Water pipe rack, Spray gun, Water spray, Spray nozzle, Sprinkler, etc

Gardening Supplies Materials

Plant supports, Ground film, Greenhouse netting, Chemical fertilizer, Seeds, Pesticides, etc


2 Global horticultural market development process


(a) Development of horticultural products


From the whole development process, it has experienced the following four stages.

Stage 1: Simple farm tools, before the second half of nineteenth Century, the garden had not been independent from agriculture, and people's daily use of the garden was still on simple farm tools.

Stage 2: Simple tools for gardening, gardening supplies began to diversify. Various forms of horticulture include the fruit and vegetable gardening, flower gardening, landscape began to appear. Gardening supplies industry start has entered a period of rapid development.

Stage 3: Time-saving and efficient tools. With the "people-oriented" concept of the universal, consumers pay more attention to the use of horticultural products, light and comfortable feeling. A large number of designs in ergonomic began to be applied to horticultural products. Some time-saving and efficient gardening tools are also beginning to emerge in large numbers, such as plant binding tools, plant fastener, and so on.

Stage 4: The application of energy saving and environmental protection tools. Such as compost tools, rain collector, solar energy lawn lamp and other energy-saving environmental protection tools has been more widely used, gardening supplies are going to the direction of safety, energy saving, environmental protection.


(b) The Development Process of the Sales Channel


First garden supplies sales channels is the individual distribution of the type of business, because of the lack of the necessary technology, the survival rate of the flower is relatively low and the quality of the flower is common. With the development of the times, some simple flower market began to form, the sale of flowers and the simple tools to meet the needs of people. After the 1990s, various retail channels such as supermarket, garden centers and online shopping have emerged one after another, the garden center slowly developed into a guide to customers, via DIY products and real show, in the provision of leisure and entertainment at the same time display and sale of horticultural products.


In recent years, the European horticultural center has developed to the chain stores, the United States formed a few hundred independent operations of local multi functional horticulture center. The garden center offer include hand tools, irrigation, garden furniture, various horticultural products, etc.


3. The market capacity and market characteristics of the global horticultural products


(a) The development and market capacity of the global horticultural products industry
According to GIA data, the global horticultural products demand market has stable growth in the long term.
2007-2015 Global Horticultural Products Market Capacity ( Unit: 100million)


(b) Demand and characteristics of the market demand for horticultural products in the world


From the perspective of consumption of global horticultural products, mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States and other developed countries. From the export point of view, China as a major producer and exporter of horticultural products, the largest export country for the United States, accounting for 20% of total exports of horticultural products, and 9% of the United Kingdom, 8%Germany and 5% Italy, Japan accounted for 5%, from this perspective, Europe, US, Japan, and other countries are the world's largest horticultural consumption.


(c) The Main Format of The Mature Market sales channels


From the overall point of view, after decades of development, foreign market gardening supplies sales channels have been developed from the original single family nursery to develop into a supermarket, gardening center and other fixed channel, individual retail, online shopping, supplemented by multi format mutual complement each other. In Europe, the horticultural products industry presents multi format: local small retail stores, regional chain and the national chain to complement each other, online garden center, integrated DIY business and the horticultural center to compete with each other.

The garden center is the main sales channel of garden supplies, with thousands of kinds of garden products such as hand tools, garden furniture, pet keeping and decoration articles, etc. Secondly, DIY is also an important marketing channel for horticultural products. Relative to the garden center, the number of large supermarkets, more than the number of stores, but the sale of horticultural products is relatively small.

Recently, the online gardening center in the foreign market began to rise, as garden supplies in an important retail form. The Internet not only provides convenience for people to buy all kinds of horticultural products, but also the important way to obtain the knowledge of horticulture, maintenance skills, related products and services, and with the improvement of the logistics level, fresh cut flowers and other horticultural supplies packaging and transportation problems have been effectively improved.


(d) The Development of the Market for the Mature Garden Supplies


The garden industry chain is complete, horticultural products are the main consumption types.
In foreign mature markets, horticultural industry chain covers from the cultivation of horticultural crops, horticultural product development, design, production, sales, and other services, such as gardening design and follow-up maintenance, horticultural industry chain is complete. Consumers can easily buy from the local retail store or garden center or large supermarket to buy the satisfaction of horticultural products, and get professional gardening services.

Horticultural Design and construction services develop rapidly, the proportion of the horticultural industry chain has gradually increased
Horticultural products and the industrial chain of the gardening have the effects each other.


4. The Future Development Trend of the Global Horticultural Products Industry


a) Gardening culture promote the sustainable development of the horticultural market


b) By practical gardening supplies to function, DIY direction, expand market space of gardening supplies gradually


c) The development of home gardening has brought about a steady increase in the market for the garden supplies market.


Home gardening is a broad concept, not only has a private garden of the villa owners can have a garden, living in ordinary apartments with balcony is the largest number of consumers. With the increase of home gardening products, such as potted plants, flower bulbs, fertilizer and other kinds of sales channels, such as gardening center, individual retail, large supermarkets and Internet shops, home gardening makes everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature, so as to lay the foundation for the stable growth of the garden products market.