Cucumber Grafting


Cucumber grafting technology is the main measure used in cucumber planting to overcome continuous planting, improve plant resistance and yield. The grafted cucumber is good in against low temperature, high temperature, water logging and drought. After grafting, the cucumber seedlings will strong in growth and can even crop. 


Advantages of grafting: 


Improve the disease resistance capacity
For many years, cucumber are suffering from diseases such as Fusarium disease which do much harm to cucumber planting.
Yunnan black seed pumpkin are highly resistant to disease. After graftedwith Yunnan black seed pumpkin, it can be planted successively. If be grafted in right way, the disease-resistance rate will be as high as 100%.


Enhanced cucumber low temperature resistance capability
The black seed pumpkin can still grow in 8 Celsius which cucumber growth temperature can’t below 12 Celsius. So garden grafting clips with black seed pumpkin will help improve cold ability.


Increase cucumber production yield
Comparing to the cucumber seedling that is not grafted, the grafted cucumber harvest period prolongs(2 to 3 months longer).
Until now, the highest greenhouse cucumber yield is above 450,000 kg. However, those ungrafted cucumber yield is generally less than 75,000 kg per Ha.


Grafting preparation:

Rootstock choice:
Black and white seed pumpkin rootstock is common to see in cucumber planting. Black seed pumpkin rootstock is softer in low temperature and is widely applied in early-spring grafting. The white seed pumpkin rootstock is much softer in high temperature, so it is better to graft in summer or autumn.  


Grafting tools:
Blade,bamboo,garden grafting clips and sandpaper


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