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Buy cheap greenhouse supplies online


Let’s celebrate together for the coming prosperous new year! 

With cheap greenhouse supplies from Shanghai JL Horticultural and Agricultural Supplies, we wish you build a strong and fruitful garden, greenhouse and farm!



?% discount of all kinds of greenhouse supplies after Chinese lunar new year? Don’t hesitate to contact Shirley!

jl discount all greenhouse supplies


To begin with, let’s first have a look at what kind of greenhouse supplies JL is able to supply.


Horticultural Greenhouse Supplies


Horticultural Greenhouse Supplies from Shanghai JL



  • Plant Support Stakes


1. Different kinds of Materials used for plant stakes in order to meet different planting requirements: well-treated natural bamboo, fiberglass, plastic, and metal. Among those different type, bamboo and fiberglass support stakes are better for orchid flowers and these kind of vine plant in growing, while metal and plastic type stakes are perfect to support the growing of garden plants like tomato, cowpea plant and other climbing plants. Before you make the order, please feel free to check the details with us.


2. Colors vary. In order to meet the modern growers’ requirements, at JL factory, we have produced different colors of plant stakes which help you to make your garden and farm with your own specialty. Currently, we have brown, black and green colors for your choice. If you would like to customize your own, please don’t hesitate to inform.


3. Sizes. All possible sizes can be produced.


  • Plant Clips

Most popular plant clips are as follow:

1. Orchid clips

greenhouse orchid clips (2).jpg

2. Tomato clips

JL tamato clips

3. Grafting clips

You can check plant grafting clips and tubes at​ http://www.jlgreenhousesupplies.com/product/plant-grafting-clips/


  • Plant ties and wires

Materials: hot-dipped galvanized wire, black metal plant wire, zinc-alu galvanized plant wire, pvc coated metal plant wire, polyester wire, jute rope as plant wire, natural Raffia rope as greenhouse plant wire are available regarding different plant growing needs.

Hot-sale cheap plant ties and wires:

plant ties

  • Seedling Tray:

Tray with different quantity of cells, large cells and small cells, plant trays with holes, and Phalaenopsis plant tray are all available here with Shanghai JL. As already told here, don’t hesitate to contact because we have potential discount for your purchase.

plant tray grow bag

Agricultural Greenhouse Supplies

Plant supporting netting, windbreak shade net, anti-bird netting, olive net, anti-insect net, Greenhouse film, Grain bag, Mulch film and Ground cloth, Grow bag and Plant bag.


Other greenhouse supplies

Irrigation pipe, seedling heat mat, Insect killer lamp, Pruning shear, Working Protective articles, and other items like soil PH tester, temperature and humidity meter, greenhouse temperature control and cooling system are also available.


Let’s cooperate and build strong greenhouse.

For further communication, please don’t hesitate to contact:


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