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  • Agricultural film: several skills to repair

Agricultural film: several skills to repair

1. Hot process 

To wash the tear, then put a film larger than the broken hole to cover on it, and then covered with a layer of tissue paper, use electric soldering iron to move slowly on the paper,  the interface gets heat and melted, after cooling stick together.


2. Water method 

To wash the damage first, then cut a piece slightly larger than the hole in the film, posted on the hole with natural water on the film.

3. Paper method 

When the agricultural film has mild damage, paper method of patching can be used, that is cutting a piece of paper slightly larger than the hole,  can generally maintain10-15 days.

4. Glue method 

To wash and dry the old films, with a brush dip in special glue into the hole around the hole, 3-5 minutes cool, then take a piece of thin film, slightly larger than the hole at the top, after 2 hours can be glued.

5. Brown sugar paste method 

To paste from flour, then add flour equivalent volume one-third of brown sugar, a little heat can be used for attaching the damaged film.

6. Cable stitch texture for thick film damage

Use wire suture repair, first wash the old film, cutting another piece of film cover on top of the same texture, thin dense stitching to join together.

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