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Agricultural Film Recycling Supermarket


In recent years, agricultural film are widely used in agriculture. However, every coin has two sides. Though, it bring much benefits for agricultural planting while causing bad effect on environment. Therefore, to buy agricultural film recycling become desperate for it is not an effective method to prevent agriculture from being polluted, but also an urgent work for developing rural civilization.

In order to promote the recycle use of agricultural film, Liangdang county in Gansu established a agricultural film recycling supermarket to help reduce the population caused by wasted film. The first agricultural film recycling supermarket unveiled to peoples’sight.


This agricultural film supermarket set beside the road of Doupin village. On the basis of the original supermarket,the local government set a indivisible part for agricultural film recycling. The farmer can exchange wasted film for now film or other necessities. Agricultural film recycling supermarket not only bring convenience to inhabitant living, but also protect the surrounding environment.


Agricultural film plays an important role in agriculture and now in a mess use in agricultural production. However, most farmers have no idea in agricultural film use. Most of them abandon agricultural film just after a single use. This measure will help reduce the agricultural film waste.


With the development of technology, the quality of buy agricultural film have improved a lot. As long as being use in right way, it will work for long time.


Agricultural film includes Greenhouse film, Grain bag, Mulch film, Nutrient film, Plant bag. The film is wide used in agriculture, gardening and greenhouse.


Agricultural film now still in great need for the development of greenhouse technology. There are various kinds of agricultural on market such as greenhouse film, grain bag, mulch film, nutrient film, plant bag.


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