• Cultivation Methods of Phalaenopsis 1 Phalaenopsis is suitable for indoor cultivation of plants, flowers like butterflies, elegant, delicate. Due to phalaenopsis production in humid area of Asia, which also determines the growth characteristics of Phalaenopsis in ventilation and moderate temperatures, high humidity environment is very suitable for cultivation of Phalaenopsis, but the more water is not conducive to the growth of Phalaenopsis. When winter comes, you need to control the temperature of indoor, the temperature below 15 degrees will affect the growth of phalaenopsis. MORE
  • Cultivation Methods of Phalaenopsis 2 Phalaenopsis is delicate, the ventilation environment will be more conducive to its growth. The hot environment is not suitable for breeding of Phalaenopsis, in summer, especially should pay attention to shade on phalaenopsis. Phalaenopsis is fond of half shade. In winter ventilate it at noon, but not let the air outlet straight blow to the orchid plant. MORE
  • Better Way For Plant Ties Fixiation Ving tying is one kind of technology widely use in plant cultivation.In the past, people usually tie tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes and other plant vines with plant ties by hand. This way is high labor intensity, low efficiency, because use twist ties, tear tape, etc as bands, also easy to damage the delicate vines. MORE
  • Multifunctional Greenhouse Plant Bag Multifunctional plant bag belongs to gardening equipment field.Here are some features of greenhouse plant bag. MORE
  • Horticultural Supplies Technology Application to House Planting Cut the Amaranth with a knife and fry a small dish, it is really an interesting thing. In Nanjing some people are keen on putting small vegetables on the balcony. When doing vegetable cultivation, reporter is surprised to find that a new family vegetable gardening has quietly appeared in those family for they favor leisure and sloe pace life. MORE
  • Chinese Greenhouse Garden Supplies Trade Barriers Greenhouse garden supplies has wide consumer groups, the majority of enterprises is difficult to form a wider coverage of the marketing network.Too many intermediate links squeezed corporate profit margins, while not conducive for them to grasp the market dynamics. MORE
  • U-Shaped Garden Plant Tray -1 When Zouping county, Shandong Province town of East Village Zi Wei, Yanshan drug cooperatives and technical personnel in Taiwan study, they learned a new yam planting technology. Through innovation and growth try, it has been successful. This new technology is the unique in mainland China. Comparing to traditional cultivation methods, using this kind of garden garden plant tray not only reduces costs, but also improves the earnings.  MORE
  • U-Shaped Garden Plant Tray -2 U shaped garden plant tray patterns is to vert traditional downward garden plant method and to plant yam close to the ridge of soil sideways a certain need first to place U shape garden palnt tray into the prepared ditch and then cover with a special soft material, then put the yam species.When placing yam species, you should maintain the inclination of about 15 degree, so yam will not grow in mess and yam will have good quality and high yield. MORE
  • Watermelon Grafting Methods Before grafting watermelon, you need water the seedlings according to the mixing ratio of 2 to 1. Watermelon Grafting should overcome the continuous cropping obstacles, lower humidity and other problems. Sowing of grafted watermelon cultivation should be 5 to 7 days earlier than conventional cultivation. The best way is to have the nutrition bowl or plant trays placed in higher temperature greenhouse or conservatory, at the same time pull out the bamboo rootstock.inclination of about 15 degree, so yam will not grow in mess and yam will have good quality and high yield. MORE