• Greenhouse Anti-Bird Netting Greenhouse anti-bird netting mulching, in fact is an environmentally friendly technology used in agricultural field. By covering the scaffolding to keep birds away. Greenhouse antibird netting help cut off the birds breeding approach, effectively control the of various types of harmful viral diseases caused by birds. MORE
  • Windbreak Netting Windbreak netting belongs to anti-ultraviolet product whose surface undertakes spray treatment which can absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays reducing the oxidation rate of the material itself. Meanwhile,because of the low UV that avoid sunlight in material damage for windbreak netting.. MORE
  • Grafting Technology Garden grafting clips is actually a practical new product for plant growth and a kind of auxiliary plant growth retractors. Rose grafting also need grafting clips to help it grow better. Here are some details about rose grafting. MORE
  • Mulch Film and Soil Temperature Change Greenhouse fruit trees need go through a cryogenic sleep phase and then come to the growth phase.However,the soil temperature rises so slowly that can’t catch up with rapidly rising air temperatures resulting in tree growth incoordination, slow root growth and tree malnutrition and so on. Mulch film is an effective way to increase the ground temperature. However, different mulch film does different temperature increase effect. MORE
  • How To Identify Quality Greenhouse Shade Screen After moisturizing principles: After covering shade screen, because of its cooling anti- wind effect, shade screen lower the air velocity of circulation between covering space and outside the screen, resulting in air humidity.At noon, the air inside the shade screen amount to highest with thirteen to seventeen percent increase. Soil evaporation decreased, thus, the soil moisture increased. MORE
  • Best Way for Shade Screen Covering When covering shade screen, you need refer to the weather changes. To strengthen the management of shade screen during the growth of the celery in different periods. Celery should be covered by shade screen all day before emergence of seedlings and its emergence should be exposed to sun in the morning and evening twice and be fully covered at afternoon. In cloudy day you don’t cover shade screen all day, but must cover in time before the storm. MORE
  • Garden Tomato Stakes For Planting Tomatoes When tomato plants grow to a certain height, if not make a garden tomato stakes for it tomatoes may easily go lodging, which will not only hinder the field management, but also do harm for wind ventilation and light permeating for the field, affect photosynthesis. MORE
  • Factors In Affecting Horticulture Products Industry (1) With the development of the horticultural and agricultural supplies, domestic greenhouse horticultural supplies rise quickly by gradually absorbing and digesting foreign gardening products design, development and advanced production experience. Besides, being fond of gardening, acceleration of city civilization and urban public green area and increasing living standards all promote the horticultural supplies. Specific factors are as follows: MORE
  • Factors In Affecting Horticulture Products Industry (2) In order to promote the development of urban landscaping industry, improve the urban ecological environment and realize sustainable urban development, China started a nationwide activity to create garden city since 1992. MORE