• Why plant trellis is necessary for white gourd planting? To make plant trellis for white gourd is to make better for its growth.There are six main purposes to the gourd where plant trellis is put up:First, it will increase the multiple crop index, make full use of the land space. After putting up the vegetable trellis on the white gourd, under the trellis, other vegetables such as ginger, leeks, spinach can be cultivated under shade. MORE
  • Greenhouse supplies: Ground Cover Applications, Funtions, Features & Notifications One, the applications in the greenhouse;Second, the applications for outdoor;Three, notifications of using ground cover;Greenhouse supplies Supplier: Ground cover function and use;To Buy Greenhouse Supplies: greenhouse ground cover features MORE
  • Greenhouse Film: questions about greenhouse film? What thickness is proper for greenhouse film? Greenhouse film: How to preserve films in vegetable greenhouse daily use?Greenhouse film as an important component of agricultural supplies, how to use and routine maintenance is an important part of saving invest costs. Here we explain some of the routine maintenance of greenhouse film. MORE
  • What films to be used as greenhouse film? PVC anti-aging greenhouse film Raw materials are added with anti-aging agent, the effective use of 8-10 months, good light transmittance, thermal insulation and weathering.Weather resistance anti-drip, PVC dust greenhouse films: in addition to outside weathering characteristics of flow drops, films processed, plasticizer small amount of precipitation, less dust, improved light transmission rate, and more favourable cultivation in sunlight greenhouse in winter and spring. MORE
  • Anti-bird Netting: Questions about anti-bird netting How to choose the best anti-bird netting? How to distinguish anti-bird netting between bird netting? Differences between anti-bird netting and bird netting: MORE
  • How Plant Support Netting Supports Plants Climbing in Vertical Planting Engineering Projects? Vertical planting refers to multi dimensions and spaces planting, let plants climb to each surface in all space. The most common type of green factories is slope mountain planting. To plant the vine plants at the bottom of the mountain, and put plant support netting from the top to the bottom in order to support the vine plants to grow and climb. In this way, the vine plants along with the support netting will cover each block of the mountain slop. MORE
  • Mulch Film: Functions of Mulch Film First, sand land. Mulch film can increase the temperature, but because of the sandy soil water capacity is low, huge temperature changes, after the mulch film, in the hot sun at noon, the ground temperature is too high, in case of severe drought, likely to cause crop failures. MORE
  • Agricultural film: several skills to repair To wash the tear, then put a film larger than the broken hole to cover on it, and then covered with a layer of tissue paper, use electric soldering iron to move slowly on the paper, the interface gets heat and melted, after cooling stick together. MORE
  • Three agricultural films to keep warm of greenhouse plants Insulation is the focus of management in solar greenhouse in winter, especially winter season, the outside temperature is below freezing, once icy cold enters the greenhouse, it will cause great harm for crops, how to protect crops from damage? MORE