• Eight Tools for Orchid Supporting There are few exclusive tools for orchid planting. Most of the orchid planting tools are generic to other planting tools. With these planting tools, orchid can grow healthily. MORE
  • Polyester Wire Introduction Varnished wire consists of conductor and insulator two parts. The bare wire is processed by fire and then painted many times. MORE
  • Organic Plant Tray Centralized nursery, dispersed cultivation way has been adopted over 20 years. With the development of modern agriculture, traditional corp nursery way can not meet modern agricultural industrial scale, regionalization, intensification, standardization,market development requirements. As an emerging technology and means of production, centralized nursery has become an inevitable choice for modern agriculture industry. MORE
  • Mulch Film Technology Applied in Peanut Planting Planting peanut is the important economic resource of people who live in Fen Town. At present, fakers there want through utilizing greenhouse mulch film to increase the peanut production. The following are some details about the application of mulch film there. MORE
  • Black Metal Wire Process of black metal wire: The general process of metal wire is to roll the metal billet ito steel bars with 6.5mm thickness and then put them into drawing devices to have them pulled into different wire with various diameter. A perfect black metal wire need also experience cooling, annealing, coating and other process. The main factors of black metal wire are iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon and zinc. MORE
  • Main Tips for Orchid Planting 1 It is important to choose a better place for it directly influnence the orchid growth. The orchid usually be placed outside where is spacious during spring, summer and autumn. In winter, it should be put indoor where have enough sunlight. You’d better place orchid on shelf or table. MORE
  • Main Tips for Orchid Planting 2 For autumn orchid, advanced anti-cold working is necessary. When in 2 to 3 Celsius environment, you need move orchid indoor. Even for those cold-resistant orchid, cold protection is also in need. The indoor temperature should be above 1 celsiu. MORE
  • Plant Labels Continues To Heat Up In UK Flower Industry The role of plant labels in plant show is particularly prominent. Successful plant labels help enhance the beauty of plants and also help retailers to expand its influence creating an atmosphere to attract more people’s attention. Meanwhile compact plant labels are more practical than high cost advertisement. MORE