• Useful Methods for Orchid Planting Orchid, plum, narcissus, chrysanthemum flowers are the four elegant plant in China. Orchid has been considered as the symbol of righteousness, luck and happiness. Here are some tips for you to plant orchid. MORE
  • Peony Planting Methods Peony should be better planted in loose, fertile, well-drained sandy soil. Besides, you need also choose somewhere leeward and sunningdale. The best time for planting peony is during early September to late October. When it comes to the planting depth, you can measure it by comparing the distance between the junction of root and neck and the soil surface. As for the size of the planting area, you can refer to the roots extension area. Then you need to compact soil and then water peony. MORE
  • 2016 Argentina International Agricultural Exhibition The exhibition is held every year and has been held for 25 sessions. It is South America's most professional and the best agricultural exhibition. The agricultural supplies exhibition has been the strong support of Argentine agriculture Forestry Department and other government agencies which is also an important channel to understand related technological progress and assess the scale of South America agricultural development. The mian purpose of this buy agricultural supplies is to build a good platform for the agricultural enterprises to get access to the real customers. MORE
  • How to Hang Plant Well Hanging vegetables properly does good effect on improving vegetables production and quality. Hanging vegetables is considered as the useful method in tomato cultivation management. How to hang vegetables? Which way is most efficient? MORE
  • Balcony Planting Design People live in high floor hope to have their own planting area. But the biggest problem lying before them is the planting space. Cheer up, you can also have private garden indoor. With the development of home gardening, more and more start planting on balcony. MORE
  • Environmental Insect Killer Lamp Solar insect killer lamp is to use phototaxis characteristics of pests to make different wavelength of light waves to lure insects. Insect killer lamp kills pest by utilizing double-layer grid with different pressure. Intelligent control system of insect killer lamp contains electric lamp body, rain (wet) control and other functions. Its circuit protection system is with short circuit, overload, over discharge and over charging protection function. MORE
  • Garden Plant Clips Plant clips play an important role in greenhouse planting. It can help effectively fix the plant with ties while do no harm to plant growth. They connect stems and branches of the plant onto the plant stakes to protect the plant against wind damage. Comparing to the traditional grafting methods, buying plant clips can highly improve the efficiency. The plant clips can be applied to many plant management, such as cucumber and tomato planting. In addition, buy plant clips saved the seedling and the workload of the wire and can also be reused. MORE
  • Grow Plant In Bag With the development of modern horticulture, plant containers also change a lot. In the past, people usually buy ceramics or pottery clay containers. But now, there is a new kind of container appearing on the planting market that is plant bag. MORE
  • Dutch Peas’ Plant Support Stakes Peas (scientific name: Pisum sativum var saccharatum) belongs to annualtwining herb. The average height is about 90 to 180cm. Peas has over 12,000 years long cultivation history. Its first planting area is along Thai and Burma border. MORE