• Agricultural Film Recycling With the popularization of scientific farming, farmers get used to buying agricultural film. However, the damaged agricultural film is often discard at farm land. That’s not only a big waste, but also pollute the environment. In this regard,many people suggest that these wasted agricultural film should be recycled and reused.  Wasted agricultural film is also a kind of wasted plastic and it will definitely create great financial benefits if being rightly reused. MORE
  • Advantages Of Metal Stakes Until 1980s, greenhouse construction has been recognized by farmers. However, greenhouse construction in China now still in infancy. In the past, people usually utilize bamboo stakes or wood to support greenhouse. Comparing to metal stakes, greenhouse supports like bamboo stakes is cheaper. But its life is relatively shorter. Besides the bamboo stakes or other wood stakes used for greenhouse construction or plant support may usually cause problems for they are easily fractured, thus,will do side effect on plant light absorption. In addition, you need much more bamboo stakes to support the greenhouse. MORE
  • Winter Greenhouse Supplies Every year, when winter comes, greenhouse suppiles become popular. With the development of advanced technology, greenhouse supplies are now various. MORE
  • CAC 2015 Organizers: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chemical Industry Branch Executive Organizer: China International Trade Promotion Council of Chemical Industry Branch MORE
  • Greenhouse Anti-Bird Netting Do No Harm To Birds The maturing grapes attract many birds from various places. BinHai distract where suffer a lot from the birds now are making preparation for protecting grapes from birds. Reporters said that he found farmer now were trying new ways to protect their grape production. This way can not only keep grape from birds but also do no harm to birds. MORE
  • Balcony Farmers Increase, Gardening Supplies Continue Heating Now, aparting shopping mall or attractions, gardening plant market now has become a good place for people to go on vacation. Reporters found that various green plants with ornamental and air purification effect is very popular. Besides, “balcony farmers” are increasing in cities, thus, horticultural supplies such as plant tray, plant support stakes, tomato clips and garden grafting clips, etc. MORE
  • Balcony Planting-A New Planting Trend Balcony planting has become a inseparable part of modern home gardening. Balcony planting is more about a healthy lifestyle. If you seat in front of the computer all day, you might as well plant some vegetables to have relax. MORE
  • How To Use Insect Killer Lamp The insect killer lamp attracts flying insects by black light around 365mm, such as flies, moths, mosquitoes and so on, the insects will be electrocuted by high tension. MORE
  • Future Horticulture Development No matter in China or other countries in the world, gardening is a popular industry and still heat in modern society. In 21st century, driven by advanced technology, MORE