• Plant Bag Application-Plant Bag Wall First you should do wall survey, in addition to length, width and outer area of the wall, you also need carry out investigation on wall material. Concrete wall (blank wall), a metal wall, brick, wood-paneled walls, plaster walls or foam wall these are all common wall. For different wall, you should use different way. MORE
  • Greenhouse Tomato Plants Cultivation Adjustment When hanging tomato seedlings, you need use the size of 12th size tomato support to pull the wire spacing of the north and south. And then use the 12th size rope to tie tomato according to the tomato spacing with one end tied at the tomato stem base. With the growth of tomato, you can try to tie it to the hanging rope. MORE
  • Plant Tray Used For Roof Garden Plant tray designed for roof garden.Using plant tray is a new kind of planting method. Inside the plant tray, you can plant various flowers.This form of planting has a high load requirements for roof.Besides,plant tray is applicable to intensive roof garden and some semi-intensive roof garden. MORE
  • Clay Handmade Plant Labels Handemade is very popular recently. Having something DIY is like a very flaunt thing for these handmade lovers. Those who like plant and also prefer to make plant labels will be happy to see this article. MORE
  • Introduction Of Garden Grafting Clips With the development of agricultural supplies, there are more and more advanced tools used in cultivating plant. Nowadays, people who are interested in planting find that a kind of garden grafting clips helps a lot when planting vegetables especially in eggplant and cucumber grafting clips play an important role in helping graft eggplant and cucumber. MORE
  • Automatic Plant Tray Here is an automatic plant tray which is able to do water by itself. This kind pf plant tray can tranfer water to plant automatically. Plant tray will stop watering when it feels the plant have enough water. During some time, plant tray is able to get in touch with the plant root. Before the next watering step, the water will dry gradually. MORE
  • Handmade Plant Trellis Many plant lover may have troubles when cultivating plant since many plant pots may occupy large places. Now, you don’t worry. The new plant trellis will help you solve the problems. MORE
  • Anti-Bird Netting Used In Airport Bird damage is always a flight safety hazard. Bird strikes will not only cause damage to the aircraft, but also can lead to serious plane crash. MORE
  • Utility of Greenhouse Ground Cloth To exchange greenhouse utility experience, slove the pollution caused by greehouse ground cloth and to improve the utility of greenhouse ground cloth, Ministry of Agriculture, the National Development and Reform Commission to convene a national greenhouse ground cloth advance utilization spot in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province.Over 160 participants from the Agriculture Department, agriculture and environmental protection station and some provinces (autonomous regions and Corps) Development and Reform Commission attended the meeting. MORE