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  • Agricultural Film Recycling Supermarket Agricultural Film Recycling Supermarket 04 09,2018 In recent years, the agricultural film is widely used in agriculture. However, every coin has two sides. Though, it brings many benefits for agricultural planting while causing bad effect on the envir... VIEW
  • Flower Metal Stakes Flower Metal Stakes 04 09,2018 Metal stakes now are widely used for climbing plants cultivation. Besides the supporting function, it can also be applied to decorate the garden. Of course, the metal stakes for flower planting design... VIEW
  • Electric Greenhouse Thermometer Electric Greenhouse Thermometer 04 09,2018 Electronic greenhouse Thermometer is used to test the environment temperature and humidity. Now it is widely applied to detect surround temperature and humidity condition for greenhouse planting. ... VIEW
  • Buy Cheap Greenhouse Supplies Online Buy Cheap Greenhouse Supplies Online 04 09,2018 Let's celebrate together for the coming prosperous new year! With cheap greenhouse supplies from Shanghai JL Horticultural and Agricultural Supplies, we wish you build a strong and fruitful garden, gr... VIEW
  • Plant Growing With The Necessary Kits Plant Growing With The Necessary Kits 04 09,2018 Orchid growing greenhouseOrchid plant clips, plant tray, support stakes and greenhouse cooling system are used in the orchid growing greenhouse.Tomato growingPlant wire and ties, plant support stakes,... VIEW
  • Vegetables Greenhouse Cost Analysis Vegetables Greenhouse Cost Analysis 04 09,2018 Construction base cost has significant differences associated with building type.The base is divided into wall base and brick base. Wall-based construction is lower-cost, and the main construction con... VIEW
  • Vegetable Greenhouse Construction Vegetable Greenhouse Construction 04 09,2018 Beginning in the spring, it is good time to set up the vegetable greenhouse. In the process of building the greenhouse, there are several key issues should be confirmed such as greenhouse type, choice... VIEW
  • How To Prevent The Toxic Gas In The Greenhouse? How To Prevent The Toxic Gas In The Greenhouse? 04 09,2018 To cultivate vegetables in the plastic greenhouse, often caused by improper fertilization methods, ignoring ventilation, and shed toxic gas in excess, it makes damage to vegetables and often being mis... VIEW
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