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  • Temporary Greenhouse Support Clips Temporary Greenhouse Support Clips 11 23,2018 I started this year by building two above ground garden boxes, they stand about two feet tall and are about twelve feet long.Immediately, I ran into a problem. For the days were warm and the growing s... VIEW
  • Greenhouse Plant Support Greenhouse Plant Support 11 23,2018 With its various clips, we offer value-added fastening solutions for greenhouse culture that optimize labor costs and produce yield and profitability.Benefit1. Fast, easy to install, with the precise ... VIEW
  • Large Sprouting Trays 2 Large Sprouting Trays 2 09 20,2018 The plant tray is the part of the flower tray that prevents water and soil from washing down and polluting the environment. But the long-term accumulation of water in the plant pallet can also cause t... VIEW
  • Types And Common Sense Of Use Of Plant Tray Types And Common Sense Of Use Of Plant Tray 09 18,2018 1.On the market, the most is the plastic plant tray, because the plastic plant tray has the advantages of being cheap and convenient. But the plastic plant may only be the emergency basin. The plastic... VIEW
  • Proper Use Of Film Pressing Line Proper Use Of Film Pressing Line 09 16,2018 Dig a pit and bury it when out of service. During the preservation period, the film should be protected against exposure, smoke, and fire. Otherwise, its service life is greatly shortened. Practice ha... VIEW
  • Proper Use Of Film Pressing Line To Extend Service Life Proper Use Of Film Pressing Line To Extend Service Life 09 14,2018 1.The external of the frame bracket shall be lubricated. The primary reason for the break of the thin film of the greenhouse is that the rigid and sharp supports used to build the greenhouse, such as ... VIEW
  • Tomato Plant Hooks 1 Tomato Plant Hooks 1 09 12,2018 The tomato hook is attached to one end to the rope and the other to the fruit ear. If the tomato hook is not hung in time, the tomato ear will break because it cannot support the fruit.Usage: The hook... VIEW
  • Greenhouse Plant Support Clips 2 Greenhouse Plant Support Clips 2 09 10,2018 Two types of greenhouse plant supports1.Multi-purpose plant supports can support walls as well as taller and heavier plants. For plants, such supports are like protective walls throughout the growing ... VIEW
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