Shanghai J.L Horticulture & Agriculture Supplies
  • Bamboo Stakes - Colored
    Bamboo Stakes - Colored
    Bamboo stakes are used as the supports for plant, in natural bamboo finishing or colored finishing with wide range of specification. As this natural m...
  • Tomato Stakes
    Tomato Stakes
    Tomato stakes in spiral shape support tomato plants to climb up along the stakes, the material is strong enough and not falling down against the wind....
  • Orchid Clips
    Orchid Clips
    Orchid clips connect the stems of Phalaenopsis onto the bamboo support stakes, thus, they help the orchid plant stand up and grow better, and the Phal...
  • Orchid Tray
    Orchid Tray
    Orchid tray is the planter for seedling of orchid, with some different quantity of holes and different size of holes for option, the material is stron...
  • Tomato Clips For Supporting
    Tomato Clips For Support...
    This tomato clip in round shape supports the plants to grow greatly, the twine goes through the back of the clip and connects tomato plants onto the t...
  • Tomato Clips For Strengthening
    Tomato Clips For Strengt...
    This tomato clip in arch shape is used to prevent the stems breaking when tomatoes become too heavy, so the clips strengthen tomatoes and even increas...
  • Silicone Grafting Clips
    Silicone Grafting Clips
    This Grafting Clip in silicone material, non-toxic food grade material, gentle and flexible, good care for young seedlings, moreover, the clips can be...
  • Soft Plant Ties In Tpr Wire
    Soft Plant Ties In Tpr W...
    The ties are made of silicone rubber or TPR soft plastic with flexible iron core, super gentle so no harm on delicate plants. Variety diameters are fo...
  • Plant Markers In Metal
    Plant Markers In Metal
    Plant Markers also called plant labels are used to identify the plants with various models, this metal one can be inserted to the soil in garden, you ...
  • Grow Bag
    Grow Bag
    Grow Bags are the portable planters with handles, the plants can grow anywhere as to be moved. This potato grow bag is ideal for growing potatoes, whi...
  • Dutch Bucket
    Dutch Bucket
    Dutch Bucket is a kind of hydroponic bucket with automatic water changing system, which is widely applied in all kind of hydroponic planting in all ov...
  • Windbreak Net And Shade Net
    Windbreak Net And Shade ...
    Windbreak netting applies to agricultural cultivation for vegetables, fungus plants, flowers, aquaculture, etc, which is not only against wind, also c...
  • Olive Net
    Olive Net
    Olive net can be used to pluck olives or other nuts from trees, hung between the trees with strengthening corner holes, or put on the ground around th...
  • Ground Cloth
    Ground Cloth
    Ground Cloth as Mulch film is the covering on the ground of greenhouse and outdoor ground for nursery production planted area. The covering cloth is m...
  • Bamboo Stakes - Colored

Shanghai J.L Horticulture & Agriculture Supplies 
We specially develop and supply the plant nurturing products in the frield of horticultural supplies and agricultural supplies and garden supplies.
From us, you can get various products to nurse the seedling plants and care for the plants growing. We have organized the wide range of products, and continue to develop new items according to customers' requirement. 
Our products mainly cover two major fields, horticultural supplies and agricultural supplies, the details please see Featured Products. 
Every product is produced in the professional manufacturers, all products we supply are based on strict quality control, the whole producing procedures under our strict quality check from raw materials to the final production. 
Welcome your inquiry on products in the field of horticulture, agriculture, greenhouse, garden, and farm supplies, we do our effort to cooperate with you and develop our business together. Hope to set up good business relationship with you.

Company Culture

* Do our efforts and responsibility. 
* Guarantee the quality of all products. 
* Think about customers' question. Serve for customers' requirements.
* Be customers' good supporter and nice cooperator. 

Our Commercial Services:

Guarantee period in one year after shipment, if products are in stock or used properly. Always find solution if any problem. 
Our Commercial Services -Product development
-Price offer and sample providing
-Production arrangement and delivery schedule
-Quality control and quality management
-Logistic arrangement and export to customers

  • Temporary Greenhouse Support Clips
    Temporary Greenhouse Support Clips
    Time:2018-11-23 Click:2591
    I started this year by building two above ground garden boxes, they stand about two feet tall and are about twelve feet long.Immediately, I ran into a...
    Greenhouse Plant Support
    Greenhouse Plant Support
    Time:2018-11-23 Click:3623
    With its various clips, we offer value-added fastening solutions for greenhouse culture that optimize labor costs and produce yield and profitability....
    Large Sprouting Trays 2
    Large Sprouting Trays 2
    Time:2018-09-20 Click:3017
    The plant tray is the part of the flower tray that prevents water and soil from washing down and polluting the environment. But the long-term accumula...